PDR Training

Course Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal is a fast effective way to remove parking and hail damage. To get started with PDR, we recommend a basic training.
After much practice and intensive training you can call yourself  "specialist" in dent removal after approximately one year.
During the course we deal with both practical and theoretical knowledge and will, inter alia, basic skills and assess damage dealt.
In order to achieve the so-called "Push-To-Paint" is an interesting cost and time saving for the bodyshop.


The Basic course:

A minimum of 3 days, spread over a period of 3 weeks.
With multiple training days faster achieved a better result.
Course starts with an minimum of 5 participants per course.

After the first lesson, the students in consultation with the instructor can purchase tools to train interim.
The course costs 350.00 Euros excl. VAT per person per day and are taught in our Training Center in Breda.


The Professional Course:

At least 3 consecutive weeks, with very intensive supervision.
Here we teach the student spray all parts of the dent removal without.
Course starts with an minimum of 5 participants per course.
For the cost of this course if you please please contact us. info@denttoolcompany.nl


Advanced course or customization:

Of course, we also provide a follow-up course.
In consultation, we can also create a course specifically to your requirements tailored.
For the cost or course data Please take contact with us. info@denttoolcompany.nl